Newsstand: November 2, 2010
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Newsstand: November 2, 2010

Illustration by Matt Daley/Torontoist.

Today: pandas have money problems, church takes over the silver screen, and a missing son returns home.

They’re black and white, fairly large, and like to munch on green. Not cows, you sillies, pandas, of course! Two giant pandas from China are slated to come to the Toronto Zoo in 2012. But apparently the cuddly cuties are going to cost a good chunk of cash. The head of the Toronto Zoo Board’s panda task force (yes, there is such a thing), said that the bill for the visit could be around twenty million dollars. So the zoo now has to look to corporate sponsors and Ottawa for the funds. Though, really, attendance at the zoo is expected to go up by the hundreds of thousands, so it’ll likely be worth it anyway.
Ashley Kirilow, the woman who faked cancer and raised thousands of dollars…for herself, is facing more charges. Three new fraud charges were laid against her on Monday, bringing the total to six counts of fraud under five thousand dollars, and one count over that amount. Kirilow surrendered to police on August 6. She blames her scam on a crappy childhood, and told the Star that she did it to get back at her parents.
Speaking of charges, a fifteen-year-old is facing a bunch that could land him in prison for ten years, for hacking into his school board’s website. The kid exposed thousands of passwords, which gave students access to the “portal” (it sounds cooler than it is) that contains marks and teacher comments.
Think church is boring? Well, now it could be just as much fun as going to the movies. Why not both, while you’re at it? A pastor in Bowmanville has decided to move his service to a Cineplex Odeon theatre. The cost of renting the cinemas for Sunday services for a year is about twenty thousand dollars, whereas building a facility would run a tab of about two million dollars, said Pastor Jon Vincent. “The big screen is the 21st-century version of the stained-glass windows of the middle ages. That’s where the story is told,” he says. Hymns are projected on the massive screen and there’s even a four-piece band. Sorry, no popcorn though.
The brother of missing teen Mariam Makhniashvili is back at home. Their father called police after the seventeen-year-old didn’t come home from school yesterday. George Makhniashvili turned himself in to police early this morning and got a ride home. He was the last one to see his sister before she went missing in September 2009.