Newsstand: November 18, 2010
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Newsstand: November 18, 2010

Illustration by Jeremy Kai/Torontoist.

Today: say goodbye to the Dufferin Jog, befriend your teacher on Facebook, and rethink smoking while you’re at it.

Let there be light. Toronto Police and Hydro staff will be out and about early next month to brighten some of the darker corners of the city, in an effort to deter crime. The “Light the Night” program was launched by Toronto cop Scott Boulet. The program encourages residents to swap their porch lights with energy efficient ones to create safer neighbourhoods in high-crime areas at a low cost. A strip of the Danforth and rear laneways will be lit up on December 7.
It’s finally here. At 3 p.m. today, the new seventy-metre tunnel connecting Dufferin Street under the rail bridge will officially open, eliminating the need for the “Dufferin Jog.” And this is no ordinary infrastructure project, but an “exercise in place making,” said one councillor. There’s an amphitheater on Queen Street, new lights, prettier fencing, and plants and murals are still to come. The project, set forth by David Miller’s government, was finished within its forty-million-dollar budget, but whether this kind of thing will happen under Ford’s “back-to-basics” rule remains to be seen. Said Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park), “Some might call it gravy. I say not.”
Would you consider a teacher a friend? Why not make him or her one on Facebook? High school students obviously cringe at the idea. A recent workshop in York on social networking tackled the issue. Sure, some students would find it lame to get updates about marking papers or counting red apples in their news feed, but those in favour of a mixed student-teacher bag on Facebook say the presence of profs online might help in curbing cyber-bullying. So, kids, don’t start posting bragging lines about how late you were out the night before, or how many Vex coolers you consumed, ’cause Teach will know you’re hungover, not coming down with the flu.
Speaking of habits damaging to your health, the city’s Board of Health will decide on Monday whether it wants to back a provincial control plan that would put a limit on the cigarettes reaching the public. Smoking rates are no longer decreasing, so it’s time to puff new life into the issue, says Toronto Public Health, which is asking the Board to support a report by the Tobacco Strategy Advisory Group. Recommendations include banning flavoured tobacco products and only allowing companies to sell ciggies in plain packages, with the exception of the the health warning.
And listen up, Harry P fans. Well, actually, you won’t really benefit from this, but some keeners did, when they got a sneak peak at part one of The Deathly Hallows. The kiddies gave the film high praise, calling it “absolutely magical in every way.” Roger Ebert was less kind, describing it as “completely unintelligible for anyone coming into the series for the first time.”