Sound Tracks: "Aerobics in Space" by Maylee Todd
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Sound Tracks: “Aerobics in Space” by Maylee Todd

Believe it or not, music videos still exist. Sound Tracks trolls the internet to find the best and the worst of local artists’ new singles and the good, bad, or otherwise noteworthy visuals that accompany them.

We’ve written about Maylee Todd‘s videos before, and how she’s partnered with indie videographers like Southern Souls and Live in Bellwoods—she’s had recurring motifs, like elaborate and out-there costumes and interstellar travel. Now, thanks in part to a MuchFACT grant, Todd has pulled out all the stops with a comic romp for “Aerobics in Space.”
The video, directed by J. Lee Williams, is a delightfully zany pastiche of TV references—primarily the live action 60’s Batman show. There’s also a purposefully shoddy Mork & Mindy–style sitcom interlude, featuring Punch Drysdale‘s Norm Sousa; Second City‘s Inessa Frantowski plays a mystic Great Gazoo/Tinkerbell character who keeps the plot moving; and there’s a robot mayor whose victimization prompts Todd’s avenging crusade.
At an interstellar dance bar (in actuality, Parkdale’s Wrongbar) frequented by her own rogues gallery, Todd lays the smackdown on her enemies—among them Gentleman Reg (who’s the first to be socked by our caped heroine) and Naomi Snieckus. While a lion-clad lounge singer—Todd again—and her satyr band keep the tune bouncing along, the bar fills with BIFs and POWs as our heroine pummels the outlandishly dressed villains one by one.
The wild costume sequences are supplemented by retro Saturday morning cartoon sequences, complete with mock wavy lines from a shaky cable signal, and there are plenty more surprises we don’t want to ruin, including a reveal at the end of the evil unseen mastermind, a la Inspector Gadget‘s Doctor Claw, and a promise of more to come. We hope so.