Red Carpet Recap: Featuring Jon Lovitz and Some Lesser Talents


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Red Carpet Recap: Featuring Jon Lovitz and Some Lesser Talents

Thursday night marked a momentous occasion at TIFF 2010. It was the time dozens bore witness to American comic actor Jon Lovitz defying all expectations and actually making an appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of a major film. Well, a film anyways. And what’s more, it was a film he was actually in! He didn’t just show up! Man, Lovitz. We bet some bookies in Vegas are seriously cheesed off right now. In any event, yes, Jon Lovitz, but also some other people with more legitimate claims to stardom made the red carpet rounds last night, in spite of it being rainy, cold, and altogether unpleasant. Lovitz was in town for the premiere of Casino Jack, the forthcoming biopic of American super-lobbyist and con man Jack Abramoff. Kevin Spacey, who plays Abramoff in the film, eagerly greeted fans, even autographing their chequebooks. And despite looking like her water could break at any minute, Kelly Preston cut a nice figure on the Casino Jack carpet. Also last night, Kristin Scott Thomas braved the rain for the premiere of Sarah’s Key, in which she plays a journalist unearthing the history of Vichy government war crimes. It’s pretty heavy material, but she smiled plenty all the same.
Photos by Christopher Drost/Torontoist.
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