Is the Globe's Kelly Grant @rebelmayor?
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Is the Globe‘s Kelly Grant @rebelmayor?

At left: back-to-back tweets from Kelly Grant and @rebelmayor on August 24. At right: back-to-back tweets again, on September 7.

Today, for the second time in three weeks, Kelly Grant (the Globe‘s City Hall Bureau Chief) and @rebelmayor (William Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto’s first mayor, who in spite of being long-dead is running in the upcoming municipal election) tweeted the same thing only moments apart. Grant first, then @rebelmayor right after.
Back in May, when mayoral candidate HiMY SYeD repeated one of @rebelmayor’s tweets twenty-seven minutes later—not a re-tweet, but the entire body of the tweet, repeated—the Post‘s Natalie Alcoba and Global News’ Jackson Proskow both speculated that the secret of who was actually behind @rebelmayor was out. No luck, and no surprise: SYeD played along for a while before flat-out denying it.
And now Grant is doing the same. “Much as I’m relishing the speculation,” she wrote in an email to Torontoist, “it’s not me. Can you imagine the trouble I’d get in from my bosses?” (Most recently, @rebelmayor has threatened to sue Rocco Rossi and taken a bold stand against the Toronto Public Library.)
So who’s the real @rebelmayor? One likely culprit we’ve long suspected is staying mum for now, and @rebelmayor did not return tweets for comment, even when we threatened to withdraw our endorsement of his candidacy. If the events of the past few weeks are any indication, though, we do know one thing now that we didn’t before: he’s trying to throw us off his scent, innocent City Hall bureau chiefs be damned.
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