Dimitri the Lover Endorses Rob Ford in Email We'd Rather Not Share
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Dimitri the Lover Endorses Rob Ford in Email We’d Rather Not Share

This is more or less the only page from Dimitri the Lover’s site that we can show you.

Dimitri the Lover. Creep, sure. Leaver of awful voicemail messages, that too. Film star, unfortunately. Villain, undoubtedly. But kingmaker?
“Only one procedure can effectively cleanse a chronic infestation from an enclosed cavity,” writes Dimitri the Lover, making a metaphor out of City Hall in a not-even-close-to-civic email to his followers on Tuesday night. That procedure, Dimitri writes, is “A DOUCHE! Ladies and gentlemen …ROB FORD is that DOUCHE!”
Don’t even get him started on Sarah Thomson.

Dimitri’s real name is James Sears. A former doctor, Sears lost his license after sexual assault allegations; years earlier, a military psychiatrist determined there was “something seriously wrong” with him. Now, he’s Toronto most visible and most despised pickup artist: when he’s not trawling for women himself, he hosts meetings of the “Toronto Real Men” (“North America’s Only Legitimate Seduction Lair”) and offers “seduction” courses to men that cost thousands of dollars.
One of the “Ten Commandments For Women” on Sears’ website (go, if you must) is “I accept that my man is a murderer and rapist, and I will not provoke him.” One of his “Remarkable Facts” is that “There is no theory of natural selection … just women DIMITRI allows to go unfucked.” It’s fair to say that, as far as women go, he’s not much of a fan. And indeed, in Tuesday’s email, Sears devotes less time to endorsing Ford than to ripping apart fellow mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson, who Sears accuses of not tipping at a café that he says they both frequent. Thomson is, Sears writes, “the embodiment of PURE EVIL.”
Joe Pantalone, meanwhile, is a “BIG SOCIALIST”; George Smitherman is a “career politician”; and Rocci Rossi is “extremely dangerous.”
The full text of Dimitri the Lover’s mayoral missive is below. Little of what Sears says—from claims of corruption at City Hall to those about Thomson—can be corroborated, of course, and while Rob Ford’s fans might appreciate the endorsement, they might not be such a fan of the metaphor.

That engagement ring Dimitri mentions at the foot of the email, by the way, is not made of diamonds, but rubies and a sapphire. Diamonds, Dimitri tweeted, would be “unethical.”