Weekend Newsstand: August 21, 2010




Weekend Newsstand: August 21, 2010

Illustration by Matt Daley/Torontoist.

Fodder for this weekend’s cooler-infused chatter: all Rob Ford, all the time; the G20 revisited; and Igor Kenk’s unexpectedly heartwarming legacy.

It’s near impossible to avoid leading every Newsstand with the absurd shenanigans of Rob Ford’s increasingly debaucherous mayoral campaign, try as we might. His gaffes are leading both the news and op/ed sections of every major daily in town—our hands are tied! This week it was a US drunk driving charge uncovered by the Sun, a foot-in-mouth comment about immigration that lead to a public flaying, and a reprimand by the Toronto integrity commissioner for misuse of letterhead and dodgy behaviour. Yesterday, it was reported that Ford has completely cut off official communication with the Toronto Star. Despite all this, columnists Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Chris Selley of the Post can’t resist playing the Rob-Ford’s-alright-by-me card. The Star today reported a surge of support by the provincial Liberals for mayoral candidate George Smitherman, as the possibility of a Ford administration miraculously grows more and more likely by the day.
In case the events of the G20 are beginning to grow foggy in your late August, backyard sangria-fogged mind, yesterday, the Star ran an incredibly detailed, 5,600-word recount of the weekend that left this city reeling.
The validity/importance/relevance of beauty pageants has become increasingly questionable in recent decades, but perhaps never more so than when your home country is completely devastated by a natural disaster. Friday’s Miss Pakistan World beauty contest went ahead in Brampton yesterday anyway, despite requests by many to cancel the pageant in view of the twenty million Pakistani people affect by the floods that have stricken the country.
Hey panicky real estate owners! Just when you thought you’d weathered the housing market storm of 2008—wham! The powers that be hit you again. Toronto housing prices are dropping, with no clear end to the dip in sight. Fortunately, the Globe has put together a handy guide on how to make it through this latest housing downturn so that you don’t, you know, lose everything.
The legacy of notorious Toronto bike thief Igor Kenk is becoming unexpectedly heartwarming, thanks to a new program called Bike Initiative for Cabbagetown Youth Centre: Learn and Engage, or BICYCLE for short. The program uses Kenk’s recovered stolen bikes to teach at-risk youth how to perform basic bicycle mechanics. We wonder what good ol’ Kenk would think.
Fake cancer girl update! Apparently, she’s out on $5,000 bail, which was provided by the John Howard Society, a non-profit that assists people in legal trouble. We really hate to do this, but sometimes it’s merited: WTF.
If you’ve been missing the medical paranoia of the H1N1 hysteria that gripped this country last winter, perhaps this tasty morsel will satiate you: Ontario’s first case of the antibiotic-resistant NDM-1 “super” bug was recently confirmed at Brampton Civic Hospital. The enzyme is resistant to even the most potent antibiotics, and has researchers around the world in a bit of panic. So don your paper face mask and, hey, enjoy your weekend!