Newsstand: June 29, 2010




Newsstand: June 29, 2010

Illustration by Matt Daley/Torontoist.

It appears that police–public relations may be ready for a return to civility following the G20 summit. A rally to protest police tactics during the summit drew about one thousand people outside the police headquarters on College Street. The demonstrators sang and listened to speeches before heading down to Nathan Phillips Square and then back up to Queen’s Park in a meandering but peaceful march that ended in dancing. Right on!
A Globe reporter writes about her experience being caught in the Queen and Spadina “kettling” fiasco. Lisan Jutras was caught in the crowd boxed in by riot police on Sunday evening and spent several hours in the rain before being arrested and ultimately freed. Hey, didn’t Franz Kafka already write this story?
Mayor David Miller is pissed about the summit vandalism and he wants the Feds to pay for it. Miller noted that numerous businesspeople and workers were financially affected as a result of the weekend’s mayhem, and that there probably would have been less damage had the meetings been held at Exhibition Place. You know, like he suggested.
And the Post observes that the rest of the world thinks our summit didn’t provide much bang for the billion bucks and that the protests were humdrum affairs, with no fatalities and only a couple of flaming cop cars to keep the press corps entertained.
Hey, what was the most embarrassing thing your folks ever did to you? Bet it wasn’t as bad as this. Two sets of parents are suing the Greater Toronto Hockey League after their teenage sons were cut from the Avalanche Minor Sports Clubs. Vito Valela and David Longo are both seeking $25,000 from the club and officials after their (separate) sons didn’t make the team during tryouts in April. Both lads were severely “demoralized,” according to their parents’ statements of claim, and Christopher Valela “vowed never to play the game he loved since childhood,” although that was evidently less vow than hyperbole as he now skates for another team. And you wonder why kids get into this “Black Bloc” stuff.
Get your fresh puppies and kitties here! The Toronto Humane Society River Street shelter finally reopened yesterday, seven months after being shut down by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and having a number of staff and board members charged with animal abuse. In the interim, the shelter has undergone renovations and remaining personnel have been retrained to ensure no recurrence of previous problems. The facility was originally scheduled to reopen prior to the weekend but was being reserved as a possible spillover facility to hold G20 arrestees.
A speaker banned from an Islamic conference in Toronto for “hate speech” will still be attending via video link. Indian televangelist Dr. Zakir Naik was scheduled to headline the Third Annual Journey of Faith Conference, but has been prevented from entering Canada. Instead, Naik will share his anti-Jewish, pro–wife-beating sentiments with the crowd via video link from India. Naik’s planned surprise Casinorama appearance with Tony Orlando has also been cancelled.
Headline of the week, from the National Post: ” Alleged Russian spy posed as dead Canadian infant, part of ring arrested in Boston.” That must have been one hell of a disguise.