Newsstand: June 21, 2010



Newsstand: June 21, 2010

Illustration by Matt Daley/Torontoist.

From today’s ominous news, it’s hard not to wonder if, somehow, the G20 conference really will spell the apocalypse for Toronto. On the other hand, this could all be evidence that we don’t need a summit when we’re perfectly capable of screwing things up ourselves.
And unless something very big intervenes, This Ain’t The Rosedale Library is days away from ain’t being a bookstore, either. The store, which was named one of the World’s Top 10 Bookshops by London’s Guardian newspaper in 2005, and which remains, for now, a valid reason to love Toronto, moved from Church Street to a less expensive Kensington Market location in 2008. But the new landlord says the store owes him forty-thousand dollars, and he has changed the locks and put matters in the hands of an “enforcement agency.” That agency seized the store on Saturday and has demanded payment by this Thursday.
Wildlife photographers looking for a challenge (and not accredited for the G20 conference) need look no further. The Bowmanville Zoo is offering a two-thousand dollar reward for pictures of a missing tiger and two camels, believed to be lost somewhere in rural Quebec. The animals were travelling to see a veterinarian, when their trailer disappeared from a motel parking lot. The tiger might be suffering from hunger and dehydration, but members of the public are warned to keep their distance. As one zoo employee explained: “He’s a tiger.”
Yonge-Dundas Square, normally a sterile, grey plaza where Torontonians gather to stand in vendor tents and look at billboards, went kind of crazy on Saturday, care of Iggy and the Stooges. Between gathering riot police and “every proud freak and mutant within 100 km,” NOW seemed impressed that so much chaos could be funneled into one of the most typically bland public spaces downtown. Also, it must have been cool to see a serendipitous Fido puppy stroll onto the video behind Iggy as he sang “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”
Toronto and its gathered activists will be welcoming an Irish celebrity that really knows how to move a crowd (by shooting at them). The ARWEN 37 was designed for riot control in Northern Ireland, and since it did a bang-up job there, we’re bringing it over here. Refered to as a “less lethal” weapon, ARWENs fire plastic bullets and teargas canisters, have an estimated 5–7% chance of fracturing ribs if fired properly, and were played by Liv Tyler in Lord of The Rings.
The latest goal announced by George Smitherman’s mayoral campaign is to give every kid in Toronto a chance to learn how to swim. Yesterday, the mayoral hopeful’s campaign unveiled his “Passport to Swim” proposal, which pledges to rally “the city, school board, non-profit swim clubs, and parents,” along with “relatively modest dollars” to make universal swimming lessons a possibility. The proposal is stuck treading water until someone announces how it will be funded. The city already spends $5.6 million per year to maintain thirty-three school pools, and is searching for long-term funding solutions.
And to raise awareness about dangerous exposure to the sun’s UV rays, Sean McSweeney and his friends will spend the longest day of the year running a hundred kilometres down Yonge Street, in direct sun. McSweeney and the other partipants in Run With The Sun aren’t quite as crazy as they sound—showing off how to remain safely in the sun is part of the annual run’s purpose. Runners also hope to raise fifteen thousands dollars for the Women’s College Hospital’s skin cancer facility. The run began in Barrie at sunrise, and will finish at sunset where Yonge Street meets the Toronto waterfront, tonight at 9:02 p.m.