Sound Tracks: "Bankok Hilton" by Bad Tits
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Sound Tracks: “Bankok Hilton” by Bad Tits

Believe it or not, music videos still exist. Sound Tracks trolls the internet to find the best and the worst of local artists’ new singles and the good, bad, or otherwise noteworthy visuals that accompany them.

Welcome to the inaugural installment of The More You Know Something You Definitely Probably Already Know, But That Doesn’t Make You Smarter Than Us, featuring Sebastien Grainger and Josh Reichmann. The lesson is: don’t Google their new project, Bad Tits, while at work.
The two, of course, are both graduates of seminal local acts (Grainger played in Death From Above 1979, and Reichmann, Tangiers) and have since become some of the best in the solo-transition ranks. It is reported that they joined forces during the great garbage summer of 2009, though it isn’t clear what role the garbage might have played other than it sort of being everywhere (oh, and that the upcoming EP which features the “Bankok Hilton” single is called Garbage Night. And that all of their press photos so far feature them lurking amidst garbage.). What is clear is that this creepy party jam is not, in fact, garbage, but instead a simmering amalgamation of Grainger’s soulful, hook-hugging vox and Reichmann’s experimental pop freakouts.
“Bankok Hilton” has good payoff both musically and visually; if the uncomfortable prog-synth riffs don’t keep you hooked long enough to get to the shiny post-garage rave-up, perhaps the giant dancing ducks will. Directed by Alex Jones—not he of the shouting and conspiracies, but of CFCF’s “Crystal Mines” video—it’s a weird, funny, surreal treasure chest of B-movie footage that looks like Howard the Duck crashing some after-hours I Dream of Jeannie dance party. The only thing that could have been better is footage of ducks playing in garbage.