Newsstand: December 1, 2009
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Newsstand: December 1, 2009

Well, it looks as though Ryerson and Loblaw Inc. are in cahoots to take over Maple Leaf Gardens after all. According to the Globe, “The cost of the $60-million renovation will be split three ways, with $20-million coming from the federal government as part of its stimulus spending. Ryerson students voted earlier this year to contribute $20-million through increased fees to help pay for a new athletic centre. The remaining money will come from donations, with Loblaw’s Weston family leading the way with a $5-million gift, which sources say will be announced today.” Hmm… what should be their new slogan? Got it! “Maple Leaf Gardens: Worth using an unnecessary preposition to end a sentence with.”
If you don’t want to be hounded by collectors for up to fifteen years at an annual interest rate of 26.82%, don’t drive on the 407. The Star reports that, despite the fact that the owners of the 407 are kind of dicks, “they are right, said [Transportation Minister Jim] Bradley, who added consumers should not be angry at the Liberals but rather at the Progressive Conservatives, who sold the highway when the government was looking to raise cash in 1999 to balance its books. The Tories sold the road, built with taxpayers’ money, to a private firm in a 99-year lease for $3.1 billion.”
Remember when the subway closed down for hours between Bloor and Eglinton during rush hour a few weeks back? Yeah, that was awesome. And the best part of it is that, though the tunnel repair is not permanent, it’s been deemed “good for now,” according to the Sun. “We’re waiting for the engineer to submit a more detailed plan,” said city spokesperson Patricia Trott, who claims that the patch job is “perfectly safe.” “In the meantime,” she added, “we’ve had a certified engineer’s stamp that everything is fine with the temporary fix.”
Finally, the OSPCA has taken over the Toronto Humane Society and won’t leave until they’re finished with their investigation, though, according to OPSCA inspector Kevin Strooband, “we are going to do it as soon as possible because we want to get these animals adopted as quickly as possible.” In the meantime, however, many volunteers remain to care for the animals inside, despite having received threats. “One example was they threatened to bash in our heads with baseball bats,” said volunteer Laura Hendy. “We feel like we’ve all been painted with the same brush as management, and that’s clearly not the case. I think those threats were more meant for them.” Hey, as long as they’re there on their own time to walk the puppies and pet the kitties and make sure they feel safe and loved, they’re aces in this Newsstand author’s book, no matter what five d-bags did to sully their names. P.S. Bonus kitty and puppy pictures in the Star! Oh, and news. Maybe. Dunno. Who cares? Kitties and puppies, dude!