The Leafs Trade Your Spirit For Cash



The Leafs Trade Your Spirit For Cash

Photo by designwallah. Taken on the northwest corner of Dundas Street West and University Avenue.

A few months ago, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment—MLSE—illegally spray-painted the Toronto Maple Leafs logo along with the phrase “Spirit is Everything” on sidewalks around the city. Not to be outdone, The Zan Tabak Herald, a Toronto Raptors blog, responded with its own snarky tag that said “We Prefer Winning.” (Which might have made more sense if the Raptors were, you know, actually winning.)
Now, it looks like the Leafs’ advertisement has been tagged again, and for at least one anonymous Torontonian at Dundas and University, “spirit” just isn’t cutting it anymore for a near-last place team that’s run by an organization that only seems to care about its bottom line.
Frankly, we feel the same way.