Reel Toronto: The Tuxedo
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Reel Toronto: The Tuxedo

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.
This is a movie about a taxi/limo driver, played by Jackie Chan, who wears a magic suit that makes him do kung fu shit, and he fights evil criminals with help from a scientist or secret agent or something played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yeah, this is precisely the sort of movie that usually gets shot here.
Possibly it’s supposed to take place in New York (or Chicago? or Detroit?) but there’s clearly no effort to disguise Toronto or otherwise employ the cinematic arts in any meaningful way. It’s got Jackie Chan doing some sub-par wire-fu, and JHew (JLoHew? JLove?) does offer a PG cleavage-shot, if that’s you’re kind of thing, but overall The Tuxedo is a bit weak, folks.

Well, right off the bat we’re clearly in the Big Apple, eh? Like, New York is so famous for its architecture that it’s practically impossible to shoot there without getting a shot of the Empire State….um, er…Toronto City Hall.
Anyway, Jackie is a taxi driver and he gets in a fight with some big dude on this street, which is Melinda Street, behind Commerce Court. It’s nice to see our bike rings getting some respect from Hollywood.
Here’s a wider shot and you can see the exact same view right here, thanks to the super-amazing magic of Google Street View. Thanks, Google!
Jason Isaacs usually plays horrible bad guys, which means he must have enjoyed playing a decent-enough, James Bond–esque fellow here—at least until he gets killed in the first act. Here, Jackie is picking him up on Wellington Street, right near the Flatiron Building and where Pravda is today. Do they have Green Ps in New York?
He’s definitely well off, since he lives in Casa Loma, and all. We see it from the outside…
…and the inside…
…a few times.
Speaking of lovely interiors, Ms. Hewitt works at a lab at the RC Harris Filtration Plant.
This quaint backyard party was shot at Oshawa’s Parkwood Estate, which we’ve already seen in a kazillion movies, such as X-Men.
No disguises here: the bad guys’ super-secret headquarters is located within the Seaway Queen, parked down in the Port Lands. According to the fine folks at, um, Boat Nerd, she was parked here from 1999 to 2003, before getting taken apart and floated to Montreal, and then India.
Speaking of waterfront landmarks, there’s an extensive action scene set atop the silos at Essroc, on Cherry Street. Credit to the filmmakers: you might think they shot most of this in some safe studio, but apparently they actually spent eight nights out there putting this together. Hope it was worth it!
These guys must have really liked the Port Lands, judging by the fact they moved only a block or so to shoot this shot at the Polson Pier Parkette, which is by the main parking lot at The Docks.
Here, Jackie steals a cellphone from this lady at the Yo Yo Ma–designed Music Garden at Harbourfront.
These exciting hotel interiors were shot at the Fairmont Royal York but…
…when dude gets tossed out a window he lands way up at the Crowne Plaza on Eglinton East.
The distinctive pool is easily visible in this overhead view. Thanks again, Google!
Here, Jackie walks under the recognizable canopy of the Hummingbird/Sony/O’Keefe/L Building centre to see a James Brown show…
…which, through the magic of cinema, was shot at the Fairmont Royal York, which we just saw minutes ago in a totally different context! That’s the magic of cinema, folks.
Since dude is a driver and all, he drives all over the place. He drives past the Limelight…
…he drives on the Bloor Viaduct (shot from a lovely angle)…
…and under the Gardiner…you get the idea.
What, you’re still not satisfied? You want to know something utterly obscure and pointless about this movie you never saw and never will? Fine. The bottling plant seen here, during the opening credits, is the Aberfoyle Springs plant in Guelph.
Not good enough?! Fine—according to the press notes, the titular tuxedo was designed by Giorgio Armani. It is “a one-button classic wool crepe tuxedo with narrow notched satin lapels. The jacket is detailed with topstitching, and the waistband cummerbund is in satin and is worn with a classic tuxedo shirt and bow tie.”
Satisfied? Good.