Toronto Department of Zombie Disposal Suits Up
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Toronto Department of Zombie Disposal Suits Up

Photo courtesy of Shannon Larratt.

Zombies, beware! Shannon Larratt doesn’t take kindly to the roaming undead in these here parts. After seeing a similar paint job on the internet, Larratt, a long time zombie aficionado, decided to send Toronto’s zombies a message. “I was inspired by a girl in Pittsburgh that did up her car in a similar fashion,” Larratt told Torontoist. “As soon as I saw her car, I knew I’d eventually do it—even though it took me a few months to get around to it.”
Although Larratt’s stencil has generated interest online, he hasn’t received very much attention from people on the street. “I’m pretty used to people pointing at me and this paint job hasn’t been enough to cross the threshold where I really notice it. All in all, I really did it to amuse myself and my daughter, who is six, not for anyone else.” But Larratt hopes that other people will find the stencil amusing as well. “Cops have hassled me a lot in the truck, mostly because they seem to dislike jacked up trucks in general. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that humor will lighten future encounters with them.”
Unfortunately, if the dead ever do rise up and start to run amok, we probably can’t count on Larratt to save us. “I’m afraid that I’m of the ‘he who runs away lives to fight another day’ mindset on that one,” joked Larratt. “If there’s a zombie breakout, I’m not staying in the city. The risk is exponentially higher in the city because of the population, both from zombies and from humans, and if the zombies are of the slow moving sort, there are a lot more places where you can be cornered in the city than in the country, where they can be easily outrun. I’ll be filling the truck with supplies, food, gasoline, ammunition, and heading somewhere safe.”