They Heard the News Today, Oh Boy: David Miller Re-Election Edition
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They Heard the News Today, Oh Boy: David Miller Re-Election Edition

While we here at Torontoist appreciate a bad pun as much as the next conglomerate of web writers collectively writing in the first person plural, said pun was unfortunately the high point of this weekend’s internet commentary on David Miller’s announcement that he would not run for a third term as mayor.
As usual, the comment sections of the Globe, Post, Star, and CBC were taken over by primarily conservative commenters, all of whom are either really really from Toronto, we mean it you guys, or willing to admit that they’re Albertans with nothing better to do with their time than complain about the mayor of a city in which they’d never willingly live. And, as usual, there were a lot of them.
David Miller is, according to these commenters, the greatest incompetent working in politics today. That this can be said while Rob Ford yet breathes is tragic; that Miller can actually be compared unfavourably to Mel Lastman, the greatest joke ever played on Toronto, is just kind of misery-inducing. Granted, David Miller isn’t going to go down as the greatest hero in Toronto history, to say the least, and his hair can best be described as “horrific.” But he’s not exactly Satan, either. Except if you are an internet commenter on a major Canadian news site: then and only then are you aware that David Miller is, in fact, not only the worst politician in Canadian history but also a sellout, a Communist, and possibly the big villain on this season of Supernatural. (He will fight Dean and Sam Winchester with evil demon unions.)

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