Film Friday: You Just Lost the Game
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Film Friday: You Just Lost the Game

Quiet week when it comes to film criticism, as all of our major local publications are gearing up for TIFF, which means that most of this week’s films are going largely unnoticed—but then pity the films that come out next week, because even we won’t pay attention to them.
However, this week’s biggest film is (probably) Gamer, starring Gerard Butler as yet another unshaven angry man (those films are for “the lads,” where the ones in which he plays a clean shaven hunky man are for “the ladies”) but in this case he’s in a film written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Talyor. You should know them as the pair behind the Crank films, of which the first was brilliant, but the second less so (though the direction was astonishing). The Crank series featured a fair amount of video-gamey references, so that they’ve gone on to make a film almost entirely about video gaming (albeit a strange, future kind where you control a real person) is no surprise.
Also no surprise, it seems, is the review at Eye Weekly where Will Sloan notes they “continue their fascination with hyperkinetic editing, misogyny, silicone-enhanced breasts, and homophobia … Lots of homophobia.”
The misogyny and homophobia are certainly what kept Crank: High Voltage from being a brilliant film, and Torontoist’s experience seeing that in a cinema with what can only be described as braying jackasses puts us off the idea of seeing Gamer on anything but DVD. We do want to see it though, honestly.
Out early next week is 9. Created here in Toronto by Starz Animation, it does seem a bit of a shame it’s being released the day before TIFF, meaning absolutely no one is going to pay attention to it locally. The film has absolutely gorgeous visual design and looks genuinely intriguing, so why not check out the trailer?
This week also sees the release of the latest film from Mike Judge, Extract. We love Office Space (who doesn’t? Even Wendys is using it as a cultural reference point in its latest adverts) but never managed to catch Idiocracy. Extract has been received very poorly, however, with The Star‘s Greg Quill, for example, being particularly harsh—”None of this is actually funny, not even when, too late and too easily to make sense, the stink clears.”
Also out this week: All about Steve, while the Brazilian Film Festival begins tonight.