Martin Streek is Dead




Martin Streek is Dead

Photo of Martin Streek, taken last September, by Jay Richards.

Legendary radio announcer Martin Streek, most famous for his work on CFNY/Edge 102 over several decades, before being unceremoniously fired from the station in May, is dead. He committed suicide on Monday.
The news was first reported late Monday night by Mike Boon, based on comments left on Boon’s article about Streek’s firing. Boon’s article about Streek’s death (which has since been updated) was met with no small amount of confusion and skepticism earlier tonight, but Streek’s death has since been confirmed on Twitter by people close to Streek (like Kneale Mann), as well as to Torontoist by several current and former Edge employees who knew him.
David Marsden, CFNY’s founder, wrote on The Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum that Streek “put on his wings earlier today, to the shock of most everyone….Good night Martin. We don’t know what forced you to take this step but we do wish you a wonderful and peaceful rest.” According to Marsden, Streek’s final Facebook status update, set on Monday, was:

So…I guess that’s it…thanks everyone…I’m sorry to those I should be sorry to, I love you to those that I love, and I will see you all again soon (not too soon though)… Let the stories begin.

They are.

CORRECTION: JULY 7, 2009 In our rush to verify whether the initial report of Streek’s death was a mistake or not, we made a mistake of our own, and originally noted Streek’s age as just shy of fifty-seven. The biography on Edge’s site that Streek had written saying as much, however, was a joke—the bio, and date of birth, were that of the Clash’s Joe Strummer. Streek, we’re told, always held his age close to his chest anyway. Torontoist sincerely regrets the error.