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Times New Liberal

The Liberal Party’s new logo, courtesy of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Liberal Party of Canada’s national convention in Vancouver this past weekend produced few surprises, with delegates officially crowning Toronto Member of Parliament Michael Ignatieff as leader of the once-mighty red machine. One development that did catch our attention, however, was the unveiling on Saturday of the party’s new logo, which replaces the maple-leaf-as-rising-sun insignia in use since 2004. According to the accompanying news release, the new logo “symbolizes a re-energized Liberal Party emerging from a process of renewal engaging all Liberal members.” A fascinating claim, given that the new wordmark is nothing more than the word “Liberal” in Times New Roman, emblazoned with a maple leaf that appears to have been cribbed from the cover of Maclean’s.
Perhaps the goal is to encourage voters to think of the Liberals as Canada’s default ruling party, the one you turn to when you’re too lazy to try something different. The Grits’ recent history, however, hints that stylistic ineptitude may be to blame: the death knell for December’s abortive coalition between the Liberals, New Democrats, and Bloc Québécois was then-leader Stéphane Dion’s amateurish televised pitch to voters, an attempt that, compared to Prime Minister Harper’s highly-polished appeal, seemed to have been transmitted to TV stations via Skype.
If the new Liberal regime wants to prove that they have learnt their aesthetic lesson, rebranding themselves with an insignia that could have been created in thirty seconds on Michael Ignatieff’s laptop is not the way to go. That being said, the new logo could have been far, far worse:

Image by Jerad Gallinger/Torontoist.