Not Your Typical Club Anthem
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Not Your Typical Club Anthem

Photo courtesy of The Hidden Cameras.

PETA‘s picked up another Canadian to speak out for furry friends. And thankfully, this Canuck hasn’t risen to fame by way of an overinflated pair of tits.
The Hidden Cameras’ local leader Joel Gibb is playing a snippet of a new song at Queen’s Park today, telling people to bug off and leave animals to their own business (and it’s not cause they’ll give you a case of swine flu H1N1). Get out your notebook, ’cause today at 12:30 p.m., Gibb and friends are holding a sing-in featuring a chorus that goes a little something like this: “We take and take, we know it’s wrong/The earth belongs to animals and/Animals belong alone.”
Wait, is Joel Gibb telling you toss your potty-trained pooch out into some grassy field? Perhaps an Animal Farm-ish anthem asking our kind to back down and let the four-legged creatures take the crown? It could be that that’s what Gibb secretly wants us to think. But what we do know for sure―he wants us to stop clubbing to save some animals. The end of clubland’s heyday? No more 905 at 2 a.m. at Richmond and John? Unfortunately, no. But putting the weapons away to save adorable baby seals would be nice (just look at how cute they are!).
According to PETA, this year’s Canadian seal slaughter will steal the lives of 333,000 baby harp seals, often only for their pelts (which are banned in much of the U.S. and Europe). Two months ago, Russia told hunters to pick on someone their own size, outlawing the hunting of harp seals younger than one year of age. Next year, of course, Vancouver’s hosting the Olympics, and PETA’s afraid that though most of the seal hunting occurs on the other side of the country, it will draw extra attention to animal cruelty in a country generally reputed as a Mr. Nice Guy. Gibb says it’s an atrocity like this (warning: graphic content!) that gives the entire country a “black eye.” So if you prefer organic cotton to seal scarves, go ahead and sing along against animal cruelty this afternoon―’cause even if you can’t carry a tune, it’s still better than Pam posing in a leaf bikini.