Newsstand: May 5, 2009
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Newsstand: May 5, 2009

Tamil protest postponed as Oda visits Sri Lanka (Globe and Mail): “Organizers had planned to form a human chain [today]…to raise awareness about the escalating conflict and to encourage Canadian and U.S. leaders to press the government of Sri Lanka to stop the fighting. Their protests appear to have had some effect, as International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda visited the Sri Lankan capital, Columbo, Monday, pledging $3-million in human aid and calling for an end to the fighting. Satisfied that the Canadian government was paying more attention to the plight of Tamils caught amidst the fighting, Toronto’s organizers called off their protest.” [Previous coverage on Torontoist: “Canada, Help Us.” and Despite “Scuffles,” Tamil Protest Continues.]
Ruby Dhalla’s nanny trouble (Toronto Star): “Fast-rising Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla has become entangled in the nanny trap, with allegations two nannies hired to care for her mother were illegally employed and then mistreated. The nannies also allege Dhalla improperly seized their passports and family members forced them to do non-nanny jobs such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning family-owned chiropractic clinics. […] Ruby Dhalla said she is ‘shocked and appalled’ by the allegations and never abused the nannies.”
Toronto’s plan to restrict right turns has drivers seeing red (Globe and Mail): “As part of a plan that aims to make the city’s streets safer for pedestrians, Toronto traffic officials are planning to experiment with banning right turns on red lights at 10 intersections next year…likely in pedestrian-heavy downtown areas.”
For the war, but against the troops (Eye Weekly): “The start of municipal election season in Toronto is still at least six months away, but don’t think that mayoral aspirations aren’t gestating in the minds of a few city councillors even as we speak… [With] the recent emergence of the Responsible Government Group (or RGG, led by Karen Stintz and Case Ootes) it appears that the opposition [to Mayor David Miller] is getting themselves organized, and they may actually have some good ideas.”
Ontario gears up for 1 in 3 falling ill (Toronto Star) “The swine flu virus will likely reach pandemic proportions, a key public health official says—and while the severity of the strain remains to be seen, Ontario has prepared for a scenario in which up to one in three residents fall ill.” [Previous coverage on Torontoist: Wash Your Hands of Swine Flu.]
Racially taunted student happy to return to class (Toronto Sun): “A black-belt student who broke another boy’s nose with one strike after having racial slurs and punches hurled at him is back in class today. Officials at Keswick High School had originally recommended the boy be expelled following the fight in his Grade 9 gym class two weeks ago that led to York Regional Police charging him with assault causing bodily harm.”
MPs less experienced, less educated: report (Canadian Press): “The latest crop of MPs is less educated, less experienced and more white, a new study concludes.”