Tamil Tiger Trashers Take to the Skies
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Tamil Tiger Trashers Take to the Skies

Photo by Jonathan Goldsbie/Torontoist.

As members of the Tamil community continue their demonstrations against the conflict in Sri Lanka, a high-flying counter-protest is underway, in the form of a small airplane circling around central Toronto with an anti–Tamil Tigers message in tow. Reader Mark Ostler first noticed the lofty banner, which reads “Protect Canada. Stop Tamil Tigers!”, from his office window downtown. Shortly thereafter, Torontoist contributor Jonathan Goldsbie captured the above photo from Kensington Market (flipped here so that the message reads from left to right).
No word yet on who’s behind the airborne rhetoric, though it’s likely someone—or a group of someones—with a bit of cash: an aerial banner from SkyWords costs more than $500 for a half-hour aloft. Which leads us to ask, wouldn’t it be cheaper to simply make a placard out of bristol board and a piece of wood, head out to Queen’s Park, and start shouting?