Newsstand: April 29, 2009
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Newsstand: April 29, 2009

Did TTC put cart before the streetcar? Ontario Minister thinks so (National Post): “The political arm-wrestling has now begun over funding for the Toronto Transit Commission’s plan to buy $1.22 billion worth of new streetcars from Bomardier. George Smitherman, Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, [yesterday] rebuked the TTC for presenting the deal as a fait accompli—before securing money from the provincial and federal governments. Meanwhile Mayor David Miller fired back that it would be ‘shocking’ if senior levels of government didn’t step up with cash given the potential for the award to rescue Ontario’s beleaguered manufacturing sector.” [More from the Sun. Previous coverage on Torontoist: Bombardier Wins.]
Tamil protesters injured in scuffle (Toronto Sun): “Several Tamils were treated for injuries after Toronto Police moved protesters to the east side of University Ave. to allow for emergency vehicles on the west side of the street. […] ‘They’re pushing us to be out of sight,’ Kiru Mahe, 33, ‘I’ve never seen Toronto Police doing something like this. This is like … what terrorists do.'” [Previous coverage on Torontoist: “Canada, Help Us”.]
Plans announced for second phase of Regent Park redevelopment (Globe and Mail): “With residents set to move back home this weekend to the first phase of redeveloped Regent Park, officials yesterday announced details of the next stage that includes more housing and new public facilities. ‘This is a real milestone in the transformation of Regent Park,’ said Toronto Mayor David Miller, of phase-two plans for 1,600 units of housing, with 400 apartments for low-income families, by city-owned Toronto Community Housing and a private developer.” [More from the National Post.]
Flat fee for tuition passes vote at U of T (Toronto Star): “Despite dozens of students shouting outside in protest, the University of Toronto’s business board approved a plan [Monday] night to charge students in arts and science for five courses even if they take just three, starting in the fall of 2011. If it gets the final nod from the university’s governing council May 20, the new ‘flat fee’ would begin to be phased in this September, with U of T charging students for five courses whether they take four, five or six.” [Previous coverage on Torontoist:
U of T’s Student Unions Take Flat Fees to the Courts, U of T Considering Telling Its Poorer and Busier Students to FCE Off.]
Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions soared to new high in 2007 (Globe and Mail): “Canada has one of the fastest rates of growth in greenhouse gas releases in the developed world, and a record that is far worse than in the U.S., where carbon dioxide emissions increased by only 1.4 per cent in 2007 and are 17 per cent higher than in 1990.”
Building a better mask (Toronto Star): “A designed-in-Toronto face mask, born out of the 2003 SARS crisis, is catching the attention of governments and health-care institutions around the world as fears of a swine flu pandemic continue to soar. Toronto-based FaceSeal Technologies is already working with officials in Mexico, and is fielding requests for its next-generation face masks from Israel, Germany, Korea and the Philippines.” [Previous coverage on Torontoist: Wash Your Hands of Swine Flu.]
A blow to drunks (Toronto Sun): “Drivers caught with .05% alcohol in their blood face stiffer penalties starting Friday. Drivers who fall in the ‘warn zone’—between .05 and less than .08—currently face a 12-hour licence suspension, but the new changes call for a graduated increase in penalties, including the notification of insurance companies.”