Locks of Love
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Locks of Love

Photo of Love Locks in Italy by golfpunkgirl.

So you’re in love. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. You’ve got yourself a girl, or a guy―whatever. You love ’em. But you sure as hell don’t wanna buy a diamond ring―haven’t you heard of that thing called the recession? Lovers, what are you going to do to let your soulmate (and the rest of the city) know that you’re really not cheating on them when you come home late from “overtime”? We’ve got an idea―lock ’em down, with a heavy-duty padlock. No, no, we here at Torontoist don’t encourage spousal abuse; you’ve got us all wrong. What we’re saying is―take a cue from Europe―lock that love down.
We’ll start off today with a quick history lesson: in Pécs, Hungary, in the 1980s, couples first engraved their names onto padlocks, and attached them to a fence to symbolize their commitment to each other (hey, it’s more secure than some ribbon on an old tree). The trend caught on quickly, and soon the fence was full, so both the locals and those who came to visit began locking up their padlocks on statues and gates throughout the city. It was cute, it was cheap, and it didn’t get them into too much trouble with the town. Naturally, the rest of the world followed suit—according to the trustworthy source Wikipedia, love padlocks are now locking up everywhere from Italy, to the USA, to South Korea. And for once, Toronto’s not too far behind.
We’ve seen love padlocks in our city before. Torontoist’s own Posterchild seems to feel the same way about Sam the Record Man as some of us do about our sweetheart (but can you really blame him?). But now, he’s asking partners around the city to join in the great graffiti project with a love-locked fence of Toronto’s own. Last week, he put out a call to Crazy-in-Love city folk who want their tender tales locked up for keeps. If, as he asks, lovebirds send in their “bestest” stories, he’ll select the standouts based on their unique, funny, or heartwarming merit, design a personalized lover’s lock, and then, of course, lock it up (you can email your stories here). Posterchild is planning to take over the fence bars of Grange Park, surrounded by the art world of OCAD and the AGO. Our thoughts? Awesome, just so long as he throws away the keys. It’s a little harder to feel your love’s all safe and sound when someone else might hold the key to your heart―literally.