I Turn My Camera On/I Cut My Fingers on the—Wait?
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I Turn My Camera On/I Cut My Fingers on the—Wait?

On a particularly desperate TV day, try tuning into The Main on Food Network Canada, and you might find yourself wondering why the hell Spoon licensed their song “I Turn My Camera On” to be used as its theme. And then you’ll realize that—gasp!—it isn’t a Spoon song at all, just a song with pretty much the same beat, hook, and vocal line (no biggie).
Google any variation of “spoon food network ripoff” and you’ll find thread after thread of commonfolk looking to discover just what on earth that delightful little ditty is, until a hipster know-it-all (see: us) swoops into the conversation to yammer about Spoon and expose the latest in corporate plagiarism to all.
Such blatant ripoffs are obviously total lamesauce, but really not all that shocking or uncommon, especially in the ad world (see: Tom Waits’ take down of Audi, Frito Lay, etc). But since no charges have been made in this case, who’s to say the band isn’t into it? Food is delicious, and Spoon probably supports the making/eating of it. Many otherwise credible acts have allowed worse fates for remakes of their songs. Remember that Moldy Peaches Atlantis ad? That post-Juno cash-in saw the band allowing their song “Anyone Else But You” to be redone, with the new version playing over images of a cushy resort in the Bahamas and lyrics like, “Let’s go ride a couple of dolphins/maybe play tennis/or do some golfing.”
But without any documentation of Spoon’s loving partnership with Food Network Canada, one fan recently took it upon himself to e-mail the show to ask about the song and received this response:

Thank you for contacting Food Network Canada .
We are delighted to hear that you enjoy The Main’s theme music so much! The composer of the music is Asher Lenz from Lenz Entertainment, and it is an original track produced specifically for the show. We hope this information is helpful to you.
Thank you for taking the time to write to Food Network Canada . We hope you continue to enjoy our programming.
Viewer Relations
Food Network Canada

Phew, it’s an original! Just a big coincidence, case closed. Any lawyers in the house?
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