(At a child’s birthday party, The Clown is making balloon animals.)
Boy: I want a dinosaur!
Clown: Sure thing little buddy! One ferocious dino coming up.
(The clown starts twisting and mangling a red balloon, and gives it to the child. The finished product looks like it could be a dinosaur, but it also could be a giraffe, dog, or horse.)
Boy: This doesn’t look like a dinosaur! Dad! The clown won’t make me a dinosaur that looks like a dinosaur!
(The boy’s father—owner and operator of Toronto’s Delta Chelsea—takes The Clown aside.)
Father: Now listen here, you little punk. If you want to earn your $5.25 an hour—y’know, earn your way through acting school—you better get it in gear and make my kid a fucking dinosaur.
We’re assuming that’s the origin of this thing, anyway. It was spotted in the lobby of the Delta Chelsea on Gerrard at Bay Street. Maybe the dinosaurs went extinct because they all popped.
Photos by Andrew Pulsifer.