The Perfect Storm of Hipsterdom




The Perfect Storm of Hipsterdom

Today’s Star has a great article about hipsters (thanks Mark Jull for sending it in), which quotes Stillepost, cites Vice‘s Gavin McInnes, and contests an Adbusters article declaring that “the hipster represents the end of Western civilization.” As part of her argument defending those-who-ought-not-be-named, writer Sarah Barmak notes that “the way people communicate deep involvement—in social change, in discourse, in subculture—has gone from being a below-ground, analogue language of worn, spray-painted or stitched symbols to the daylight of blogs, message boards and other digital mouthpieces.” So it seems only fitting that, just two days ago, a Craigslist Missed Connection posting popped up addressed to a certain female Star reporter, comparing her to Ninja Turtles reporter April O’Neil. Deep.