Reel Toronto: Angel Eyes
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Reel Toronto: Angel Eyes

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.
Contrary to rumours, this is not a frequent sight in Elora
Oh, the things we do for our art. It is our humble opinion that Jennifer Lopez has made exactly one really good movie, and it hardly seems fair we should have to suffer through another just because it was filmed in Toronto, but that’s the job.
Angel Eyes, as far as we could tell, was about a cop, played by Lopez (can we call her J.Lo? Is that okay?), and a dude who survived a car crash, played by Jim Caviezel. There’s a lot of moping about, and there’s some family subtext, but we weren’t paying attention a lot of the time.

Ah, Chicago. The Sears Tower, the Hancock Tower the, um, Scotiabank tower and, erm….the CN Tower…?
We were willing to give Angel Eyes a chance, at least until the film’s opening shot. See, this is supposed to be Chicago but, last time we checked, they ain’t got no CN Tower there. It’s one thing to let our phallic pride show up in your un-Toronto movie, but at least save it for later. At least try to hide it.
As you can see above and this lovely crane shot, the opening crash scene takes place on the Queen Street Bridge.
In fact, an awful lot of the movie was shot in and around Queen Street and eastern Toronto in general. Sometimes, your only clue is something subtle, like this reflection in a restaurant window.
On the other hand, sometimes someone is running by a landmark, like the Garden Gate and the Beach’s Fox Theatre.
Other times, someone is cruising down a Chicago street and you go, “Hey! I didn’t know they had Sam the Record Man in Chicago!” (They don’t. Neither do we, come to think of it….)
Or, perhaps, someone is strolling down another Chicago avenue and you go, “Hey! I didn’t know they had an Honest Eds!” (Still, nope.)
Yup, after a nice little stroll down Bloor, JLo and Caviezel check out a jazz bar. The exterior is just a mock façade on Bloor, but the inside…
…is not too far away, at the Silver Dollar Room. After Police Academy, Adventures in Babysitting, and now Angel Eyes, it seems safe to say the Silver Dollar’s place in Hollywood history will never be challenged.
Maybe in this Bizarro Toronto the Varsity Blues win games…?
Since the producers loved Bloor Street so much, they also filmed a chase scene at the dearly departed Varsity Stadium. inside and out, there wasn’t much to see, truth be told.
“Hey, let’s make kissy faces and do some PG skinny dipping!”
When it’s time for a romantic getaway, they do what any sensible couple does: head to a swimmin’ hole. In this case, it’s the Elora Quarry.
J.Lo’s family lives in the lovely Playter Estates, just off the Danforth.
Seedy Toronto gets a few shout-outs too. Caviezel gets into a bit of a shouting match with this one dude outside of Jilly’s, and Filmore’s also served for some interior shots.
The exterior of the
Richmond Rogue also makes an appearance.
Caviezel’s apartment is a bit to the north. As you can see, it’s near the Sun Milk & Variety on Vaughan Road, and his apartment seems to be 88 Kenwood.
If Seedy Toronto didn’t do it for you, maybe you’d like a little Religious Toronto? Despite the sign, those gates are actually the entrance to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
And this shot, inside the cemetery, was way across town, at St. John’s Norway Cemetery.
This lovely wedding scene was filmed at the Church of St. Matthias.

We mistakenly identified the building in one shot as “pre-gentrification” Gladstone, when the building pictured was actually the Richmond Rogue (at Richmond and Sherbourne). Thanks to Carly Beath for naming the correct building.