Propane's Gonna Get Ya, Air Canada's Gonna Charge Ya, China's Gonna Cheat Ya
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Propane’s Gonna Get Ya, Air Canada’s Gonna Charge Ya, China’s Gonna Cheat Ya

The Toronto Star discovered that there are propane sites all over Toronto! There could be one NEAR YOUR HOME! In fact THERE PROBABLY IS ONE! Thanks to the Star, you now know that you could be BLOWN UP AT ANY SECOND!
Liberal MP Robert Thibault said some pretty stupid things recently, and he has apologized for them, albeit mostly in the “well everybody misunderstood me so I’m not really wrong but I’m sorry because I wasn’t clear about what I was saying and maybe people’s feelings got hurt because they weren’t smart enough to figure out what I was talking about” sort of way.
Russia and Georgia agreed to a framework for a truce early today, which would put an end to the nearly week-old war that will, in time, come to be known as “The Great Georgian Ass-Kicking of 2008.”
Air Canada will stop giving out free audio headsets in the near future, because it’s wasteful and expensive. They’re not going to stop flying commuter flights between Ottawa and Montreal, though, even though that’s also wasteful and expensive, because that would be crazy talk.
And in Olympics news, everybody thinks the Chinese are cheating with too-young gymnasts. What? China play fast and loose with regulations designed to keep children safe and healthy? You’re kidding us, right?
Photo by limonada.