TTC Reconsiders Parking Privileges, Election Really Super-Close, Guys Love Grocery Shopping
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TTC Reconsiders Parking Privileges, Election Really Super-Close, Guys Love Grocery Shopping

The TTC is looking at eliminating the free parking spaces allotted to Metropass holders at the 16 lots they own around the city. TTC Chair Adam Giambrone contended that the free spaces were costing the TTC more money than they brought in, which sounds like a valid argument until you remember that parking spots, like guns, are a God-given right.
The Canadian Press is reporting that a new survey shows that these days Canadian men are more likely to go grocery shopping than ever before. The story notes that “[m]en are grocery shopping more because they say it gives them time with their spouse/partner or family,” which, if you are a man, can be translated to mean that participating in the weekly shop allows you to surreptitiously replace the vegetables with baby back ribs.
After months of speculation, Prime Minister Harper has provided the strongest indication to date that we are due for an election in the fall. The Globe and Mail called the fall election a “virtual certainty,” which is one step above “Strong Possibility” and one step below “No, We Seriously Mean It This Time, We Are Like This Close To Having An Election You Guyz.”
CityNews chastised the residents of the Markham and McLevin area for not calling police in time to save a man who was shot and eventually died in the area early Tuesday morning.
After the last attempt at bids for new streetcars failed, the TTC is reportedly looking at reopening the bidding for new streetcars in the city. Reuters reports that the TTC has met with representatives from Bombardier, Siemens, and Alstom, and also notes that the TTC will put forth more of an effort to make it seem like the other bidders were given due consideration before they decide to go with Bombardier.
Photo by Glynnis Ritchie.