More Bad Meat, Don't Sea-Doo Into America, and The Mix Gets Virginal
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More Bad Meat, Don’t Sea-Doo Into America, and The Mix Gets Virginal

The listeria-tainted meat recall grows even bigger as the pre-made sandwiches available at Mac’s Milk stores are now under suspicion. This seems suspicious to Torontoist, seeing as how the sandwiches at Mac’s are clearly made out of plastic. Meanwhile, over a dozen deaths are linked to the outbreak, and your hippie cousin called you up and said “I told you this is what happens when you don’t let the animals roam free, man. Hey, do you have any weed?”
Two Torontonians Sea-dooing along the Niagara River who nearly drowned and made their way to the United States side of the river are in trouble, because the United States charged them with unlawful entry to the country. American authorities only released the two after Canadian consulate officials flexed their mighty diplomatic muscles. Either that, or someone with a little authority said, “You’re holding who for what?”
Six men escaped from a Regina prison late Sunday evening, and five of them still at large. Said one of the guards, “I told them and I told them, this one guy has an entire escape plan tattooed on his body, but no, Dougie, they told me, you’re just being paranoid. Well, who’s laughing now, smartasses?”
Ontario muncipalities will get $1.1 billion this year to pay for municipal infrastructure repair and upgrades. However, the municipalities needed $50 billion. Dalton McGuinty’s suggestion: use coupons!
The Mix 99.9 is changing its name to Virgin Radio. The radio station promises that listening to it will deliver a “very ‘Virgin’ kind of listening experience.” They really said that. That’s not the joke. The joke was going to involve “Roll The Bones” by Rush, but then I just felt old.
Photo by Stefano Cecere.