Parking Machines Scammed For Money, Police Find Drug Money, GM Loses Tons Of Money
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Parking Machines Scammed For Money, Police Find Drug Money, GM Loses Tons Of Money

People are scamming the city’s parking machines to the tune of $1 million per year. Apparently you can use an expired pre-paid credit card to park for free because the machines don’t check to see if the cards have credit left on them. The Toronto Parking Authority has known about this since 1998, but hasn’t done anything because what the hell—it’s only money.
Federal industry minister Jim Prentice isn’t happy about cellular companies charging for incoming text messages and went so far as to point out that other countries have laws regulating their wireless industries, although immediately walked it back by saying Canada has traditionally tried to let the cellular industry gouge the shit out of Canadians because that’s better for all concerned.
The latest update in the never-ceases-to-be-entertaining Igor Kenk stolen bicycles story: police found a stolen bronze sculpture of a centaur stashed away in the middle of the bikes. Kenk explained that the centaur “had inner bike-ness.”
Police seized over $5 million worth of drugs this morning, telling reporters that they had watched all five seasons of The Wire and were now using technology to catch the bad dealers, “like when Lester got the DA lady to wiretap the disposable cell phones before they were even sold, except even better than that.”
Finally, General Motors posted a $15.5 billion loss for the second quarter of 2008, presumably because they make shitty cars that aren’t any good.
Photo by sniderscion from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.