Nader Pontificates, North York Reintegrates, Arctic Ice Disintegrates
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Nader Pontificates, North York Reintegrates, Arctic Ice Disintegrates

A visiting Ralph Nader said that expatriate Americans living in Canada should tell other Americans about how great our health care system is. He then explained that there was no difference between Barack Obama and John McCain and that people should vote for the 74-year-old vanity candidate because…well, he didn’t actually explain that part, but we’re sure he has a reason.
Your daily Big Boom update: police discovered a body Monday evening, but have not yet confirmed who it is. Most of the residents displaced as a result of the fire are back home now. The company that owned the tanks that went foom is kind of sketchy. And as a result of the blast, the city is reviewing its zoning bylaws.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered a halt to military operations in Georgia this morning, hopefully delaying World War III by at least another week or so. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s response was to claim that Georgia would “never surrender,” which is not entirely accurate because Russia’s military is beating the snot out of Georgia’s military and sooner or later Georgia will need time to sit down and bleed.
Following a proud family tradition of spending time in court, Conrad Black’s son Jonathan pled guilty to driving into a stopped vehicle and then exiting the scene. The younger Black was then soundly berated by his father for not destroying the evidence of the crime.
Finally, the Arctic icecap is melting at a tremendous rate, diminishing hopes of a recovery earlier in the year. In other news, David Suzuki says he told you so.
Photo by Jeb Ro.