Film Friday: Hancock's Half Power
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Film Friday: Hancock’s Half Power

It’s the fourth of July weekend, and as a result Canada joins its southern neighbours in having very little new of note in cinemas—it’s probably why Hancock, for example, started screening early. Although it’s entirely possible that that was just a desperate attempt to avoid poor reviews doing too much damage. They’re not quite as bad as we thought they might be, but the praise is very faint, with, for example, The Star‘s Peter Howell just about mustering the will to call it “worth seeing” but noting it is “rough around the edges.”
And we’re not sure we can muster the will to talk about the rest of this week’s new releases, as they’re a very unexciting bunch. Brick Lane, based on a book; Savage Grace, based on a book and a true story; and, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, based on a book and, er, a line of dolls.
Of course, that means we can just talk about Wall*E again instead. We’ve seen it now, and it’s every bit as lovely (and dangerous for your heart) as we guessed it would be last week, so you should go and see that. We can’t think of any reason not to!
Oh, okay, you might have seen it by now. Well, in that case, you’re out of luck if you were hoping for any interesting film festivals (there aren’t any; though the Toronto International Film Festival Group has announced some of the films they’ll be showing at TIFF08, so you can pore over that), but you can be buoyed by the fact that Cinematheque Ontario begin their fantastic Summer In Japan selection this week. It starts a little obviously (Rashomon tonight at 7:00 p.m.) but there’s a screening of one of Kurosawa’s other masterpieces Stray Dog on Wednesday (7:00 p.m.) It starts getting really good next week, with a screening of our favourite Kurosawa, Ikiru, on the 16th, and then there’s a screening of Seijun Suzuki’s mindblowing Tokyo Drifter on the 19th—especially unmissable, we think.
And, as Jonathan Goldsbie noted earlier this week, the Bloor is having an incredible month of screenings—why, tonight you could go and see Brazil on the big screen at 7:00 p.m. The early Wall*E trailers used the theme from Brazil (which at the time we thought was a bit of a cheap way to “steal” some emotion; thankfully the movie never needs to resort to that sort of thing), and that gives us a nice circular link to end the column on.