Extreme Dating!
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Extreme Dating!

Lose the flab, attract a partner. Too honest? Too vain? Then Fit2SpeedDate is not for you. The latest joint venture from workout behemoth Extreme Fitness and FastLife.ca combines circuit training with speed dating. We know, it’s hard to believe, but the press materials promise the opportunity to “connect with the opposite sex through friendly endurance competitions, strength challenges, and partner assisted stretches.” What could be more entrancing than watching your well-coiffed companion start to wilt under the weight of her barbells, or scrunching your nose as even the most liberally applied cologne fails to mask the scent of exertion?
As partners move around the various workout stations, they will be provided with “a witty icebreaker question” to help light the spark. As if doing crunches wasn’t stressful enough, now you have to do them while participating in clever banter. It’s the ultimate high-anxiety situation.
The last step is filling out the compatibility cards: YES (you’ve got great biceps). NO (you pulled too hard during the lower back stretch). YES (your ability to last during endurance training says you’re ready for a long-term commitment). NO (you were too needy when I was spotting you). The next day FastLife will email you the contact info of those who would enjoy tossing a medicine ball back and forth with you.
This pretty much defeats the purpose of covert gym stalking, but we suppose that if you can watch someone get all sweaty and flustered and still want to take them out, then maybe it really is meant to be.
Photo by www.lasposadasofsedona.com.