Wet Weather Weird, Wealth Winging West, Wireless Windfall Wow




Wet Weather Weird, Wealth Winging West, Wireless Windfall Wow

This year to date has seen the wettest June and July ever in Toronto, and we’re only a couple of centimetres of rain away from breaking the rain record for the whole summer. That should shut up the “global wetting” skeptics.
The newly populist Dalton McGuinty did some rabble-rousing in London Ontario yesterday, urging Ontarians to protest the fact that the national wealth equalization system sucks some $21 billion out of our increasingly penurious province each year. Much of that money goes to oil-rich provinces where the hobos wear cashmere sweaters and drink aftershave from jewel-encrusted goblets.
The feds apparently don’t know what to do with that $4.3 billion haul from the recent wireless spectrum auction. Possibilities include paying down debt, tax cuts, or a colossal gold statue of Industry Minister Jim Prentice at which representatives from wireless companies would annually be required to sacrifice a goat.
Peel Police have found “suspicious meat” in a second park in Mississaugua. You know, back in the day when we found meat in a park we knew we could trust it.
Former Golden Girl Estelle Getty has died at the age of 84. Sad, of course, but you didn’t know she was still alive, did you?
Photo by Flickr-man from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.