Prentice Calls Out Telcos, Khadr Lawyers Call Out Feds, Rev. Jackson Calls Out Obama
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Prentice Calls Out Telcos, Khadr Lawyers Call Out Feds, Rev. Jackson Calls Out Obama

Federal Industry Minister Jim Prentice has demanded a meeting with the honchos from Bell and Telus so they can explain to him exactly why they decided to charge their pay-per-use users 15¢ per received text message, calling the decision “ill thought-out.” Canadian technology users are consequently planning to demand a meeting with Minister Prentice to ask him to explain ACTA and Bill C-61, calling them “ill thought-out.”
Recently released documents have revealed that Canadian officials heard allegations of torture and knew that Omar Khadr was being subjected to sleep-deprivation techniques in order to make him “more amenable and willing to talk,” even though they publicly maintained that he was being treated humanely at Guantànamo Bay. This happened in all the way back in 2003, though. Surely we can expect the current government to intervene on Khadr’s behalf? Surprisingly, no way in hell.
The family of Tony Greco, the man killed in the recent road rage incident on the 401, have issued a plea for an end to road rage. Torontoist would like to wholeheartedly second that request, and while we’re asking we would also like to call for an end to racism, sexism, homophobia, animal cruelty, poverty, bad customer service, and turnips.
Ontario is implementing a recycling program that will require producers and importers to start paying fees on televisions and computers. The Star noted: “Whether the cost of the fees is passed on to consumers, and for how long, remains to be seen.” Meanwhile, importers and producers facing the new fee said, “Hey, when we pass this cost onto consumers, can we add some sort of ‘processing fee’ as well? Because that would be awesome.”
Reverend Jesse Jackson is in some hot water over recent comments he made about Barack Obama, saying Obama was “talking down to black people.” The New York Times was too classy to mention the more inflammatory comments made by Jackson about Obama, and Torontoist is also very classy, so we won’t…um, okay, we’ll tell you. Jesse Jackson was captured on a “hot mic” saying, “I wanna cut his nuts off.” Keep in mind, friends, that Jesse Jackson is a supporter of Barack Obama, and he like, totally apologized or whatever.
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