The Globe's Afoot
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The Globe’s Afoot

Severed feet are turning up on beaches in British Columbia—this Monday, the fifth one in the past year floated onto Westham Island, south of Vancouver. It’s the first left foot found in a sea of rights, and the gruesome mystery has provided fodder for many a news organization. This week, the Globe published two versions of the story onto their website: one in the British Columbia section and the other in National.
The stories are written about the exact same subject (the new foot), by the same writer (Ian Bailey), and (save for some finessing of grammar here and there, and a small note about the time police arrived on the scene) contain exactly the same words in the same order.
Well, almost exactly the same. Shoved three-quarters of the way down, one paragraph that doesn’t show up at all in the British Columbia edition stands out like a sore thumb in the National (and print) one:

Police and coroners’ officials have been stumped by the mystery of where the feet came from or whether they are linked.

Oh yeah, they went there. We’re not sure if the pun is intentional or not—and if so, whether it’s a clever quip by a writer, or an editor putting their foot down and inserting it after the fact. Stranger things have happened.
Thanks to Ted Healey for the tip. Photo by Mon Ton Son.