Snappy Answers: Donair, Donair (Sung to the Tune of the Jordin Sparks Hit)
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Snappy Answers: Donair, Donair (Sung to the Tune of the Jordin Sparks Hit)

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Do donairs exist in Toronto? Coming from Nova Scotia, I miss my donairs, and more importantly: donair sauce! I have yet been able to convince a Torontonian that donair sauce is delicious! I haven’t seen any around the local supermarkets. Am I doomed to wait until my glorious return to NS to pick up some donair sauce?

So, Emma, we can’t find any supermarkets that sell donair sauce either. But, magically, they all carry the following ingredients: canned evaporated milk, sugar, white vinegar, and garlic powder. Yep, your special sauce is just as easy to make as it is hard to swallow (sorry, but this Toronton[ian/ist] thinks that sounds as far away from delicious as your hometown is from here).
For the real deal, though, and a pretty sweet deal at that, stroll over to College Falafel (450 Ossington, at College), where a donair combo will run you nine dollars. The owners imported the recipe from a shop in Halifax, so if that’s not a donair, nothing is. Now, you answer a snappy little something for us: what is a donair?

I need a new summer drink. Gin and tonic is getting kind of tired. I enjoy the retro appeal of a Manhattan, but they taste like death. It also needs to be something that bartenders won’t think I’m crazy for ordering, like a Blue Hawaii or a Sex on the Beach.
And on that note, where would you recommend I go to drink the new summer drink? Somewhere that is chill, but also has a knowledgeable bar staff who knows how to do more than pull pints?

Hey Lila, don’t give up on your G&Ts just yet! Gin, long the classy girl’s clear alcohol, is making a stylish comeback this summer—you can even buy sixty-dollar bottles of the good stuff at the LCBO.
If you want to shake up the classic, toss the lime and add a generous slice of blood orange instead. We had this in New York and have been craving it ever since, almost to the point of slinging our own sacks of oranges to the Ossington strip. Or, try mixing with soda and ruby red grapefruit juice. (The juniper-based bevvy is best twisted with cool citrus, especially in the sweaty throes of summer.)
If you’re still looking for a “new” signature gin drink, it doesn’t get any more retro than a Tom Collins, which is shaken with lemon juice and sugar and topped with a maraschino cherry and a twist of orange. It might get you made fun of the first few times, but it will also get you deliciously smashed. Besides, we think those classic cocktails have acquired enough kitsch value in the last half-century to make a full-on comeback any day now.
Lastly, the pint-pullers at the Beaconsfield are, across the bar, the city’s finest… looking. We don’t know how knowledgeable those babes are, but we do know you won’t need gin goggles to fall in love for the night.