Remember Dimitri the Lover?
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Remember Dimitri the Lover?

062808dimitri.jpgYou know, that unspeakably grotesque misgonyist (né James Sears) who lost his medical license after being convicted of sexually assaulting female patients? Who—after creating the persona of Dimitri the Lover—founded Toronto Real Men, an organization that teaches courses titled stuff like “Worship the Cock” and that is thus obviously unaware that Magnolia was not an instruction manual?
Well, good news: the whole world hates him too, now that two unbelievable voicemail messages from Sears to a woman named Olga have made their way online. (They really are unbelievable: in the second call, uppity about not having heard back from Olga, Sears wonders out loud: “…maybe you’re not playing games, I don’t know… maybe you were abused in childhood?…Maybe your mother has cancer, and you’re going to chemo.” Classy.) The messages are everywhere now—on Digg, Gawker (who also named Sears the internet’s #1 scariest seducer), Jezebel, SFist, and dlisted, to name a few. But though the messages have garnered near-universal disgust, only a few sites spreading them are yet wise to the skeletons in Sears’s closet (and it doesn’t help that the Sun‘s extensive article about him is behind a pay wall, which is why Jezebel reprinted it in its entirety). Without context, the voicemails are bad enough; framed by what is known about him, they’re far, far worse.
Per usual, Sears won’t be particularly hard to find in Toronto, even now that he’s internet famous in the worst way possible. He’s currently filming a documentary about himself with “Thought Crime Films,” a studio that doesn’t seem to exist; working on two TV shows, Dimitri’s Real Men and Doctor Dimitri, Malpractice Investigator; and planning two book releases, Mein Kock (yes, that’s a Hitler pun) and The Dimitri Code. Oh, and ladies: he’s single.
Photo by Treforlutions from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.