Loud, Obnoxious Fan Still Gotsta Gets Paid
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Loud, Obnoxious Fan Still Gotsta Gets Paid

Many of you have sat behind, beside, adjacent to, or perhaps even in front of (on a particularly unlucky day) that one doofus at the ball game who will not shut up, constantly exhorting his precious “team” to “win the game.” He is only able to continue this abominable behaviour due to a combination of the celebrated Torontonian reserve and mild inebriation of his fellow fans. You’ve probably seen him at the Leafs or Jays game—in fact, we know you have. Know why? Because he was paid by the Leafs and Jays to be there.
Cameron Hughes, an Ottawa native who is also a Senators fan (…or so he claims), reportedly earns a six-figure salary (around $2000 per game) simply by being a superfan-for-hire. He’s plied his unique (and uniquely annoying) trade in MLB, NHL, NBA, CFL, etc., facilities throughout North America. The concept of Hughes being a paid fan has predictably elicited a reaction from genuine, non-paid sports fans ranging from disgust to jealousy to grudging admiration, sometimes simultaneously.
Far be it from us to resent another person’s career, but…no, we resent the hell out of his career! Torontoist was not offered 2 grand for our services at the last Jays game we attended, where we (only slightly drunkenly) made disparaging remarks about the other team’s parentage… for the benefit of our fellow fans, who frankly needed the boost. Bet Mr. Hughes doesn’t defend his team’s honour that thoroughly.
Props to Buzzfeed. Photo by lamkevin from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.