Film Friday: Everyone's A Wall*E
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Film Friday: Everyone’s A Wall*E

My heart is ready to explode just looking at this picture, and there isn't even that much happening in it.
Since an enlarged heart is such a dangerous medical condition, how on earth do Pixar get away with causing people’s hearts to swell so much with each of their new releases? With Wall*E, the tale of a lonely little robot that falls in love, we’re worried our chests will burst right there in the cinema! It just sounds too adorable. Critical response is (as to be expected) positive, though there is a dissenting opinion from the Sun‘s Liz Braun, who calls it “a movie for boys.”
Well, maybe? It’s not as much of a movie for boys as Wanted, though. A comic book adaptation that is so loose with its source material that it probably didn’t need to bother, we’ve had our reservations about it despite our love for dumb action flicks. Reservations mostly centred on the fact that we’ve never enjoyed anything with Angelina Jolie in it, but also that, while we’re fine with films that make up their own laws of physics (in this case, everything from curving bullets to magic flying cars) we hate it when they don’t maintain an internal consistency (we’re looking at you, stupid Matrix sequels). So who knows if we’ll like it or not, though we’re glad it exists as it allows Eye‘s Jason Anderson to meander amusingly in his review about the perils of seeing films with preview audiences. “Halfway through Showgirls I said to my date, ‘My god, the vibe in here is electric. I smell Oscar!’ After Waterworld, I was moved to yell at the screen, ‘You da man, Kevin Costner!’ before doing an Arsenio Hall fist roll.” We’re pretty sure he’s lying for comic effect, but, you never know; we laughed consistently during a preview of Little Miss Sunshine!
Also worth mentioning because it’s coming out this Wednesday is Hancock, a film about the brief period in the 1950’s where Tony Hancock, as well as being a popular British comedian, was also a very unpopular superhero. Or something. Will Smith fills in the title role and early reviews aren’t particularly positive, so I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out if it lives up to the decent looking trailer.
Real-life superhero Werner Herzog’s latest, Encounters at the End Of the World, plays the Cumberland this week; John C. Reilly and Sean Williams Scott star in The Promotion; and there’s also that daft film about Intelligent Design on too.
In festivals, the Toronto Portuguese Film Festival continues and the Parkdale Rehab Film and Video Festival begins. And the Royal is showing Son Of Rambow this weekend. We really, really liked that. You should go and see it.