Epicly Later'd at Studio Gallery



Epicly Later’d at Studio Gallery

If you notice a more concentrated prevalence of Wayfarers and Vans around the College/Spadina area over the next month, it’s because that’s where Manhattan skate photographer/documentarian Patrick O’Dell is plunking down his first solo photo exhibit starting tomorrow.
O’Dell has essentially built a career around having more fun than you do. He’s been called “the most important person in skateboarding who doesn’t skateboard” because he has a good camera and travels around taking good pictures of his famous friends. His professional cool-guy cred includes being Vice photo editor, host of VBS’s top shelf web show Epicly Later’d (as well as his photo journal of the same name), and general dude about town. And if that’s not good enough, he also directed the most recent Morrissey video just because he was so wholly obsessed with him that Moz’s manager let him do it.
Anyhow, like we said, his photo exhibit, “To All My Friends,” opens tomorrow at Toronto’s Studio Gallery after a tour that’s hit New York, Vancouver, and probably some other places too. The show includes all kinds of digital media, compiled over years of globe trotting, depicting “skaters skating, hangers hanging, and up-too-late, out-too-often night dwellers doing what comes naturally.” All of your favourite things! And Patrick will be in attendance at the opening night reception (tomorrow, 7 p.m.) which will probably be epicly cater’d (eh? See what I did there?). So get up with the get down, hipsters.
“To All My Friends” runs through to July 23. He is great. Go look.
Photo courtesy of Epicly Later’d.