Don't Touch the Red Book at Toronto Free Library



Don’t Touch the Red Book at Toronto Free Library

Beginning Wednesday, the newest “librarians-in-residence” at the Toronto Free Library will be the conceptual comedy duo Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam and Jon McCurley). These are the guys responsible for installing the most remote Queen Video location ever at the Leslie Spit (near the lighthouse, where someone actually went to rent Y Tu Mama Tambien). They’ve also erected a giant exploding paper-mache volcano at Trinity Bellwoods and carved out rumble strips on Yonge Street to create a “Musical Road” near Sam the Record Man.
Anyway, Craphead’s TFL installation/performance, “Don’t Touch the Red Book,” will apparently include “fear, fine furniture, a fairy-tale problem, endurance performance, and more.” Whatever that means. And according to Amy, they’ll be “making the library into a very horrible place.” Okay, we’re in.
Opening reception at 7 p.m., July 2nd at your favourite not-for-profit art space, the Toronto Free Gallery.
Photo courtesy of the TFL photo blog (Library Rules: “If you wish to borrow a book, you must play ping pong with the librarian”).