Cute Boys Make Her Nervous




Cute Boys Make Her Nervous

Amid all the cute overloading our recent Internet history, all the LOLcatz and YouTube Charlies, we began to feel that something very important was missing. We just couldn’t figure out what it was. Did we need more plush? More anime? More stuff on our cats?
No, no, no. We needed…
Cute. Boys!
Yes, there is now a blog devoted exclusively to the pursuit of happy, daydreamy, or hipsterishly sullen boy faces. Honest, we don’t know how we lived before.
The best part is, Torontoist’s international superspy team (oh, you didn’t know? Exactly) has deduced that this adorable stalker is one of our very own. Yes, she snaps shots of dreamboys all over the place, from Venezuela to La Seine (especially La Seine—there are myriad Parisians, but of course, Paris is the worldwide capital of potential lovers, n’est-ce pas?) But two things make us sure she’s from these parts: one, all the cuties she calls her friends are from the 416, and another, she talks about Tequila Bookworm at one point, and what kind of tourists hang out at Tequila Bookworm?
We still don’t know who she is (assuming it’s a she, as boys don’t generally make jokes about making babies with other boys) but we hope she knows that her blog is even cuter than the boys. To wit, her dating wisdom:

When Keith came to see our apartment I voted for him as a roommate almost exclusively based on his face and clothes. But I forgot that when you live with people they morph into siblings. So you can’t become boyfriend/girlfriend or else you make deformed babies.


Art school boys, they are always the cutest! Until they break up with you because you are “not punk enough.” True story.

Now, we just need a Cute Girls blog and a link between them, and we’ll have all the internet romance our summerloving hearts desire.
Photo of Edward in Kensington Market from Cute Boys, duh.