Kid Car Smoking Ban, New Nukes, Little Italy Crosses Fingers




Kid Car Smoking Ban, New Nukes, Little Italy Crosses Fingers

All three parties in the Ontario legislature are backing a bill that will ban smoking in cars carrying anyone under the age of 16. You know, when Torontoist was young, we’d roll around seatbeltless in the back of flimsy subcompacts doing 150 on the highway while our parents drank beer and spewed out lungfuls of carcinogens, and we turned out okay.
The provincial government has announced that two planned nuclear reactors will be built at Darlington, already home to four reactors. E-e-e-xcellent.
Still no motive or suspects in the deaths of two Toronto men murdered as they sat in their car on Richmond Street West last Friday night. Police are shying away from saying it was a random shooting, but right now that’s what it looks like, which is pretty damn scary.
Lightening the mood, did you know that Toronto has a pack of five border collies who’ve been trained to herd geese off beaches, thereby reducing unsightly goose crap? And that it was Bette Midler’s idea? Now you do.
In the US, Al Gore has officially endorsed Barack Obama, making the Democratic contender the official candidate of sexy and green.
In Euro 2008, Italy plays France today in a game that both need to win if they want to stay in the tournament. Unless Romania beats the Netherlands, in which case France and Italy are playing for the love of the sport.
Photo by phocrastinating from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.