A Toronto of Epic Proportions
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A Toronto of Epic Proportions

Team Epic
The serialized web show Team Epic is quintessentially Toronto, hence our interest. Following the success of all things superhero, the series follows a team of Canadian superpowered do-gooders.
The team assembles after the death of the country’s number one hero, The Canadian Shield. Captain Epic—a Superman-style Silver Age hero who believes in truth, justice, and the Canadian Way—leads the bunch. Master Brood is an obviously-not-seventeen-but-supposed-to-look-seventeen goth kid who, due to a curse put on him 400 years ago, is forced to remain in perpetual pubescence. Then there are a couple of busty chicks, a blue alien, and a possibly gay Robin-esque sidekick.
A lot of people are going to be asking if it’s any good, but you know what? We’re not going to pass harsh judgment. It’s cute, quaint, and while the acting and production values and script may be lacking in some areas, they are no worse than certain other Canadian dramas aired on national television. Torontoist also thinks it would be really enjoyed by kids. (Although a character says “douche” at one point. Can kids hear the word “douche”? Is “mommy, what’s a douche?” too awkward a question for parents? Consider yourself warned.)
And when we say quintessentially Toronto, we mean it. Major landmarks abound: the CN Tower plays a major role in the plot, and the Hero Certified Burger sponsorship is hilariously shameless. It’s one of those shows where the location—or “setting,” if you want to be technical—is another character.
The first chapter of this season’s final episode goes online today. And, at the risk of starting a flame war, the whole thing is better than the latest season of Heroes.