Film Friday: We Admit It, We Even Like Temple of Doom
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Film Friday: We Admit It, We Even Like Temple of Doom

I'm going to poke you in the eye, Indiana Jones. How do you like that!
Ah, the perils of mostly basing our weekly film column on what trailers we’ve seen on TV that week. Did anyone notice that last week we completely failed to mention the release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? No? Oh well, that’s alright then. So, if you’re still unaware, it’s been out for a week now. Critics think it’s okay, and we quite liked the first one, so there’s that. And if you’re scrabbling to find the SNL skit (you know the one) it’s right here.
Of course! Forget all of that noise. The only news this week is the return of Indiana Jones with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We’re not really sure what we can say about it that you haven’t heard before from numerous sources (trepidation about how good it’ll be after such a long gap; goodness isn’t Harrison Ford old now; Shia The Beef = Jar Jar LOL etc.) but we’ll at least note that even if it does disappoint, Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis will always be a canonical sequel to us, anyway.
Critics have been doling out the kind of middling reviews you’d expect, and isn’t it, like a Star Wars sequel, the kind of film you’ve already made up your mind to see or not already?
Also on release this week, surprisingly, is Uwe Boll’s Postal (playing the Rainbow Market Square). We’ve seen it, and as a result have now also seen Dave Foley’s penis. It’s not thrilling and neither is it particularly funny (the film, that is) but it’s kind of vaguely entertaining in an odd sort of way (again, we’re still talking about the film). It’s a terrible mishmash of bad taste and general idiocy that manages to look cheaper than a Troma film despite having about 10 times the budget, but there are at least as many laughs as you’d find in, we don’t know, something like Meet The Spartans. And yes, that’s not really a recommendation. If Boll is talented at one thing, it’s getting funding; sadly there doesn’t seem to be any talent anywhere else. It’s probably better than anything else he’s done, though!
Other releases include The Edge of Heaven (“Don’t miss it,” NOW‘s Susan G. Cole surprises us by saying; it plays the Cumberland) and This Beautiful City, which plays the Royal.
In festivals, of course the Inside Out Film Festival continues (keep up with Johnnie Walker’s superb coverage here), as does the Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival.