Canada's Defence Surprisingly Expensive, Edwards Endorses Obama, And Some People Just Don't Like Bins
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Canada’s Defence Surprisingly Expensive, Edwards Endorses Obama, And Some People Just Don’t Like Bins

The federal government’s defence plan will cost $20 billion more than the federal government said it would cost, at least according to the Vice Chief of Defence Staff. Stephen Harper responded to the criticism by explaining that the country would be purchasing its planes and tanks through Canadian Tire, and that the Canadian Tire money generated by the purchases would be applied directly to the national debt, thus equalizing out costs.
Tory MP Jason Kenney complained that Romeo Dallaire was overly harsh when Dallaire criticized the federal government’s handling of the Omar Khadr case. Kenney is a former general who is credited with using meagre resources to save the lives of over 20,000 people during the Rwandan genocide in the face of massive indifference from the west…no, wait, sorry, that was Dallaire. Jason Kenney is a lifetime party hack who didn’t finish his bachelor’s degree. See, they’re almost like twins!
Lots of people don’t like the city’s recycling bin system and say the bins are “ruining the city.” Also ruining the city: kids wearing big pants and listening to the rappity-hop music who will not get off of people’s lawns, and why can’t everything be like it used to be, and why can’t somebody do something about all the problems?
John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama yesterday, presumably to make everybody forget about Obama’s giant but likely meaningless loss in West Virginia, and also to demonstrate that white people could, in fact, vote for Barack Obama without turning into effete, latte-sipping pantywaists.
And Roy Halladay threw eight strikeouts in six and two-thirds innings to lead the Jays to victory over the Minnesota Twins.
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