Film Friday: Romanian Cinema And Unwanted Pregnancies
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Film Friday: Romanian Cinema And Unwanted Pregnancies

Read our Sprockets preview? Don’t have kids—or don’t care? Well, there’s… Not a great deal we can genuinely recommend instead, but there is some stuff. Obviously, the Images Festival continues, ending this Sunday night with the closing night gala Trading the Future at 7 p.m. Cinematheque Ontario is also running The Latest Wave: New Romanian Cinema, a retrospective of the latest hot films to come out of Romania to thundering critical acclaim and absolutely no attention from the general populace. Now, we hate to be a negative nelly, but isn’t a retrospective of new Romanian cinema just about the most predictable thing that Cinematheque could have done? We almost wish we’d bet money on it (as poor as the odds might have been).
Of course, that’s not to say that the decision to do it doesn’t make perfect sense. Films such as 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (pictured above) are, by all accounts, worthy of their critical acclaim, and they’ll get viewers—heck, we actively recommend that you go and check out the season if you have any interest in seeing a hyped Romanian film—but we’re just not excited for some reason.
As odd as it is to say, maybe we’ve just heard too much about Romanian cinema, and now we’re sick of it! Still, if you can stand to hear more, you should absolutely read NOW’s Norm Wilner enthuse about the season.
It’s a sad bunch of films on general release this week, we have to be honest. There’s Street Kings, which Eye’s Jason Anderson calls “as much a dick-swinging contest as a movie,” and we hope to god he doesn’t mean literally. Just so you know if you want to watch it, It looks like basically the same kind of film as Training Day and Harsh Times, which director David Ayers was also involved in (though if you do want to see it, you’re probably still better saving your money for the later release of Grand Theft Auto IV, as we have stereotyped you as the kind of person who would more enjoy that.)
There’s also Smart People, which we link Susan G. Cole’s NOW review of, because in apparently every review we read of hers she spends the entire time complaining about the female cast, which may be fair enough in this case (Ellen Page can be kind of annoying). Other releases include Chaos Theory and Bella, which won the audience award at TIFF in 2006 despite obviously not being as good as This Is England. Anyway, they’ve released it now because, like Romanian cinema, films about girls with unwanted pregnancies are “so hot right now.” But you’re better off going to see 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days at Cinematheque—both about an unwanted pregnancy and Romanian, its hotness level is off the charts! (As is its grimness level, we must warn).
On the complete other side of the charts from Bella, this week Rue Morgue is showing Inside on Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. at the Bloor. It’s about a wanted pregnancy—so wanted that two women are willing to fight to the death over it. It’s probably the most graphically horrific film we’ve (maybe ever?) seen, and is quite the experience. It’s got a few absolutely moronic decisions in its plot, which were enough to completely spoil the film for us, but you might find (if you’re a gorehound) that the amazingly clever decisions they make in the plot make up for it.