More Nukes For Ontario, More Afghanistan For Canada, More Money For Municipalities
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More Nukes For Ontario, More Afghanistan For Canada, More Money For Municipalities

powertower.jpgNDP charges Liberals “deceptive” over nuclear energy plans. Apparently the nuclear energy commitments the provincial government has made require almost four times the nuclear energy generation capability that their promised plant could deliver, unless the plant itself was four times larger than the Darlington plant. This is all part of the current clever government plan to get ahead of everybody else and be massively involved in the next energy crisis when the world runs out of readily refineable uranium.
U.S. government accused of manufacturing evidence against Omar Khadr. A trumped-up case against a “terrorism suspect”? We are shocked. Shocked, we say.
Afghanistan mission extended by two years. The Tories and most of the Liberals voted to extend the mission to 2011, with the Tories citing the need to commit to international military efforts and the Liberals citing the need to not have an election right now.
Ontario surplus funds may be used for more than debt reduction. If the provincial government’s bill goes through, some surplus funds could be directed towards maintenance and upgrading municipal infrastructure. However, the first $600 million of any surplus would have to be put towards the debt, which, given that Ontario’s debt is $160 billion, is kind of like saying the first fifty dollars of your next paycheque have to go towards your credit card bill.
Finally: Toronto only 26th on list of 100 most dangerous cities in Canada. Yeah, suck on that, Moose Jaw!
Photo by mtlocka from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.